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How much does it cost to use My Online Camp for my events?

There are no setup, one-time, monthly or annual fees to use My Online Camp.

We are compensated via a nominal convenience fee for each online registration. The convenience fee, which is calculated based on the cost of the event, can be charged to the registrant when they register online or can be absorbed in the cost of your event. If you elect to pass the convenience fee on to the registrant, the My Online Camp service is free to you.

Who can use My Online Camp?

My Online Camp serves all types of event operators. This includes colleges and college coaches, high school athletic departments/booster clubs and high school coaches, professional athletes, and independent camp operators.

While we are most commonly known for our athletic camp expertise, we also proudly serve many academic, adventure, arts, and environmental camps/events.

How fast can we get up and running?

The amount of time needed to get started depends on your exact needs, number of events, and time of year – but should take no more than a week to complete once you have provided us with the details of your event(s).  Adjustments or changes are usually handled same day, or the next business day.  We understand coaches don't work a typical 8-5 business day and you will find many of us are available to you on the weekends for those minor necessary adjustments.

What do you ask of me?

We ask two things from you.

  1. Encourage your participants to register online. This is accomplished quite simply by promoting online registration via your social media channels, your school’s athletic website, and/or your brochures/flyers.
  2. Run quality, well-organized events. Say what you do and do what you say. Your events not only reflect on your organization but ours as well.

What is Ryzer?

Ryzer is the event registration and notification service originally developed by our company in 2015. Actively used by more than a million athletes and their parents, Ryzer connects athletes to your events managed by My Online Camp.

Is there a minimum amount of registrations or dollar amount required?

No. My Online Camp works with camps large and small. Using Ryzer and your camp website as marketing tools, our customers' camps have grown in size and number of campers. 

How do I manage campers that have written checks?

The My Online Camp administrative area allows you to manually enter checks received, safely storing all of your participant reports in one location.  The "Add Manual Registration" tool is free to use - the convenience fee is not applied for use of this tool.

How do I receive funds from My Online Camp?

As we process transactions, we track your gross revenue and pay you twice a month via your choice of direct deposit or physical paper check. Early payments can be processed on an as-needed basis for certain situations.

Is online registration required?

Although many event organizers elect to require online registration, we do not. Participants may prefer to register via mail if you provide that option. Online registration is a convenience for you and your registrants.

How do we handle refunds?

A relationship with My Online Camp does not require you to change your refund policy. Refunds are handled by the event operator.

As an added benefit, My Online Camp has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance to offer participants “Camp Protector” insurance to cover certain non-refundable registration fees.

Camp Protector provides coverage for lost registration fees when a camper has to cancel or leave camp for a reason covered by the policy.  Covered reasons for camp cancellation or interruption include injury or illness to the camper or a close family member, family employment issues, transportation delays, military/family/legal obligations and weather emergencies among other covered reasons.

Camp Protector is an optional service for both event organizers and their registrants.

Are online registrations secure?

Yes. All registrations are securely processed using the latest SSL encryption and the systems/processes involved are PCI-DSS compliant.  Our QSA-signed Attestation of Compliance (AOC) can be provided to you upon request.

What if I have other questions?

We are always excited to discuss your instructional and prospect events. Drop us a line and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.